Carley Construction can be summed up in four words:
high quality, low drama.
We keep it simple—even when it’s not. We work efficiently and effectively by anticipating glitches before they happen and listening to our clients. We realize less is more when you’re spending time. Just click “contact” to email any request, or to call Dave Carley, the owner/president of the company.


Over 25 years in the industry has refined our expertise to build it all. Our long history with some of the best architects and subcontractors has created a strong relationship and record of transforming tough, complicated conditions into finely crafted, exceptionally executed projects. Because our employees and subcontractors are the best career professionals in the business, it’s a daily expectation to build things right the first time. Focused attention to detail in everything we do infuses depth and shapes the quality of our strong, beautiful rooms and buildings. It also keeps our job site clean and safe— every single day.
It’s simple. We love what we do.


Customer service is built on professionalism, quality and details. We handle a carefully limited number of jobs to insure unparalleled personal connections with every client and every project. We expect the unexpected. Nonetheless, even with excellent planning, construction can unfold with changes and challenges. Our entire staff understands the expectations of each project before it begins.
We’re free of delays that typify compartmentalized job management (ALL of us are “hands on”). We thrive on our agility in providing immediate attention and prompt resolutions without administrative delay. Dave is a presence on every project: he’s personally available when you need answers, resources or solutions.

Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver
on time, without budget surprises and beyond expectations.